He had a vision, a vision of a new age.
An age that is now upon them and the mentally ill
And the mental health professionals.
That they will share their psychological
Strengths and weaknesses, emotional as well as
Physical together, and that this vision of theirs
Sharing their strengths and weaknesses is in mutual
Accord with the spirit of the new age. A spirit wherein
Mutual love will exist and their new age generation
Will have a super-conscious grasp upon their new age spirit.
Where people will be super spiritually enlightened to
Perceive each other's emotional and psychological
Strengths and weaknesses and share with each other in
Mutual love and respect what the cares of the world
Have uprooted.
A vision of hope and a new light unto the new age, for a
Better world. Where everyone will know everybody else
And live together in love, peace and mutual love and respect
And harmony.