He's sitting here lost and alone in a world he knows nothing about.
He wonders where he's going and if he's going with someone.
If he goes alone, he'll probably screw it up for His Self
If he goes with someone, She'll get lost too. It's just not fair.

It's not fair to put her through such misery she's already had so much.
He should leave to never Return, he should stay and never go.
Is this love or confusion? He has so much to give.
But what is it he has so much to give of? Love or Pain?

Sometimes he loves his Pain, makes him real & alive, BLOOD PUMPING
Sometimes he can't shed it and just wants it over. EVERYTHING
But he's more Alive than Dead, for right now, So he'll carry on somehow
And when the End comes, he doesn't think he'll fight it, But Rather welcome it openly.

Some may Read this and think what a Sick, twisted mind
Others May think it very deep and thought provoking
It's Nothing more than a few thoughts, brought to communication by pen.
And no Matter what ya think just Remember, he doesn't know.