He and his wife were doing alright
They never fuss and they never fight
Until Mrs. Moe Jackson moved next door
She used to talk about the people across the street
What they drink and what they eat
She invited his wife over for a cup of tea
Ended up talking some stuff about him
He came home from work one Friday night
His wife jumped up and started a fight
She had his pictures from the wall, and his shoes on the floor
And a moving van waiting at the door
He said "Woman are you cracked in the head?"
She started talking this stuff that Moe Jackson had said
He saw Moe Jackson and said "Mrs. Jackson, Mrs, Jackson, value your life.
What's this mess you've been telling my wife?"
But Mrs. Jackson looked at him in a different view
"Aw! gone boy, ha! ha! I haven't said anything about you."
He said "Moe, Moe, take my advice.
If you can't speak once, don't speak twice, you and me will get
Along alright."