An old gray headed grandma sat alone in her empty room,
She looked out her window with a heart full of loneliness and gloom.
She said, "I guess no one cares or loves me any more,"
When suddenly there came a soft knock upon her door.

She got up slowly and limped across the floor.
She said, "What do you want, no one knows I live here any more?"
Slowly she raised the blind then opened the door a crack.
There stood a young man with a big pack on his back.

He said, "Mam, I'm sorry to bother you, but it seems I've lost my way.
I wonder if I could just rest and visit with you a spell today?
I've walked a lot of miles and I'm tired as I can be."
She replied, "Just pull up a chair and I'll make a pot of tea."

He said, "You have a lovely home," then a frown came across his face.
"You see I'm all alone and I'd give anything to live in this place."
The old wrinkled face just seemed to light up with a smile
As she said, "Why don't we just sit here and talk about it for awhile?"

Before they realize it, the day had come to an end,
It seemed that each of them had found a long lost friend.
As days and months went by they were both so content,
Each night the grandma thanked the Lord for the lost grandson He had sent.