He can remember you, and all the times they had
Thinking back on a love that could never fade
All the night, they spent in each other's arms
To the very last kiss, Oh wish you had stayed

Pictures of you still flash through his mind
Their love was always such a crazy ride
He can still remember all the pain in your eyes,
And how it messes you up inside
But he was just too young to see all he was putting you through

His Gypsy heart
He hopes your dreams have all come true
And that you found the love for you
No more tears in those eyes
Just crystal blue skies

When they met he was just a boy,
But you made him a man
You gave him feelings he didn't to know he had
He didn't take all the love you tried to give him
So all the answers stayed locked up on your heart,
And you never gave him the key

His Gypsy heart
Now that it is all over,
And their fire has faded away
He hopes he lives in your heart and in your soul
Every minute, of every day