Green eyed, fur--white and gray,
Come here little thing. Do you want to play?
Sometimes she wonders what you are thinking,
Stop! That's her milk you are drinking.
She also wonders why you do what you do,
Then she thinks you're feeling the same way too.
They're in too different world, brought together,
Let her rub you here. Doesn't that feel better?
She'll scratch your back, she'll pass on hers,
They go together like a lemon to a lime.
She tells her yours, while she watches your eyes glisten.
Whenever she needed you, you were by her side,
You know the last line she wrote? She lied.
You watch her slumber, greet her when you awake,
How much more attention from you could she take?
Her nice little poem is coming to an end,
So, have you figured out who's her little friend?
She's sure you've noticed it's her cute cuddly cat,
She would never harm a thing, not even a rat.