You came into their lives and left so quickly,
They wonder if you ever knew
Just how much your family loved you.

You touched their lives in a special way
That no one else ever can.
To you they had so much to say
But not enough time and not in Love's plan.

They did not see you take a step; nor hear you speak a word
Yet footprints on their hearts you left
And volumes cannot hold, what they silently heard.

They loved you so very much
They hold you close and wanted you to stay
But Love must have loved you more
Maybe that is why He called you away.

They will not hold you in their arms again
Nor will they leave you in the ground
But in their hearts is where you will remain
And in Love's tender care you will be safe and sound.

They would keep you if they could, but that they cannot do
They cannot bring you back, but they can come to you.