A mist enveloped her frail and weakened body,
As her thoughts drifted easily and comfortably,
From one lovely moment to another one,
Joyous accomplishment to other not so joyous.

Azure blues, sun-ray yellows, rose-petal reds,
The backyard after a rain shower and the smell of the lilac bush,
The smooth, tender skin of an infant,
The feeling of the lips of her love,

Peeling corn husks on the back porch on a summer afternoon,
Making homemade rice pudding or macaroni and cheese,
Playing bingo on the kitchen table with the grandchildren,
Collecting pictures of the growing family on the mantle,

Memories gathered in the warm spaces of her being, contributing to her soul,
The senses overflowing with special, wondrous stimuli from every corner of her memory,
The mystery of the sense of it all pouring slowly into her escaping body,
Her soul aching to be free of its mortal boundary,

Granny's body quietly grasping its last breath,
Crossing over into her final triumph,
The holiest and most sacred of the rites of passage,
Breaking through time itself, into the arms of the infinite.