Dear Friend, now it seems forever was just a childhood dream
She had thoughts they would be together, yet here she stands alone

They once were thought to be invincible,...
Now immortal...is just a word carved into cold, gray stone
She now can see the future was so much closer that it seemed, and now yes,
She realized, their tomorrows were never guaranteed.

Dear Friend, they say when Love takes one of his own
A new star is born
Tonight and for the rest of her life...she'll look for yours

Friend, dear Friend, their journey together has come to its end
You must move on...(she understands)...it's sad to see you go
But, she knows you're just one heartbeat, memory away
...Should she ever need you again, here in her world...
She'll just close her eyes and they'll walk once again...arm-in-arm
...In yesterday

Their tomorrows will be yesterdays memories (dreams)
It may be written that they're never to walk arm-in-arm
In this world again
But, for eternity (let it be known) they'll always be...best of friends