Gloomy Home of Disbelief,
It's Cold Gray Walls, A Winding Sheet.
Massive Warehouse of Despair,
Loneliness is Natural There.
Grimy Thoughts of Decay,
Where Sacred conscious Rots Away.
Angry Mind, Heart Fired,
Where Injustice Is Inspired.
Ugly Monument to his Ugly Soul,
His Life Hanging for a Truthful Goal.
Hideous Shots of his Time,
In Itself A monstrous Crime.
Grim Dark Shadows Upon the Land,
Into A Jail Where he Stands.
Tragic Fortress Walls of Time,
He fears For his Life, he's Done No Crime.
Hateful People Their Wrongful Thoughts,
They say he's not clean, his Heart To Rot.
Love's also there In Lonely Cages,
Love Singing, "Rock of Dark Ages."
Your Thoughts of him to Love Is Vile,
You spit him out, he's Social Bile.
You to know him Like he's A Disgrace,
That's alright, Love Sees Your other Face.