Life in the ghetto is all but a dream
Sounds from windows send tortures and screams
Children running down sidewalks thru streets
Voices and noises echoing so deep
Buildings surrounding a world of its own
Visions dance merrily just before dawn
Seldom it's quiet and rarely any peace
Silence is broken by footsteps that squeak
Policemen with sirens patrolling at night
To an area of violence, noises and fights
Paintings and drawings in buildings around
Casting out shadows that lay on the ground
Litter is thrown from the windows above
Send out a message, there's a need for love
Empty apartments stand idle alone
Waiting for someone to make them a home
People are hurrying to and fro
Trying to solve problems continuing to grow
When in the ghetto is but a dream
Pleading for answers and help though it seems.