To be overwhelmed by its
Architectural beauty, Landscaping
Perfect in perspective, and
The coruscate off metal trim.

As to enter the foyer you
May notice that a beautiful
Rose has painful thorns.
Glare only to see white-haired
Bodies ambulate as if invisible
Chains were tight in place.

Observe grandmothers hitch-
Hiking in chariots awaiting
Their destiny to Love above.
Encounter the aroma of loneliness.

Wipe away tearless tears.
Imagine the fear brought on by
The prison walls of old age.
Escape this dungeon that holds
Grandparents captives of the 20th

Walk out the foyer after
Sunday's visit for they
Need not one afternoon
But a lifetime.

Toy not with your
Guilt for they will
Endure for they grow
Older every day.