Where once Ch'i had awaited to bring,
The inspiration of the moon and star,
To show heaven's written letter from the east,
In pictures drawn upon wisdom's signet ring;
Where the Croatian line's were lifted from afar;
Shown mato Generalic the mother of Ivan Generalic;
Holding her babe to look at saints,
And set upon the poor artist a love that waits;
Where deep within the inner soul,
Draws outward the grasp of heaven's glow;
And shown the Greek letters mirrored form,
On glass and paintings turbulent storms;
Where branches depict the thoughts awaited touch,
The grasp the pictures of the infant's forgotten trust;
And shown where its inner light,
Had breathed deep within his soul's delight,
And shown the pure heart,
Of years that passed in review within his heart;
Where the artist had held the pen to see,
The line's footnote of Generalic Ch'i.