Your father left them many years ago
She guesses he thought more of himself than of them.
She tried to salvage all three of you from life's heartaches
Each day she worked--sometimes hours into the night besides
--So you could have a warm home
--Food that was best for you
--Medicine when you had become sick
All her free time she has given you--all her love
She tried to teach you good things and spiritual values

As you have now become older you have placed value on your peers
Heeded their words and slighted her guidance

She works now so she never has to ask you for anything
--Because you feel she gave you nothing

Being alone and sole provider was not an easy task
She could not afford the material things your friends enjoyed

She is getting older now--day by day...year by year
She wonders if you realize she gave you everything she had

Twenty years of the best years of her life
All her income to provide you a home and food
She taught you how to pray--gave you all her affection--from her heart