Here comes Freddie, the Kimodo Dragon
He's not draggin'
Beware that swash-bucklin' tail swish-swishin' about
He's fierce, is he, just you watch out
With her swash-bucklin', he's really meany, mean
How would you like a swish, with his moustache
He means his whip-lashin' tail
He can do most anythin'
With his ferocious, precocious tail
Just you dare to cross his path
He'll make mince-meat, that's too sweet
How's about hamburger?
Or that smelly, Limburger?

There goes Freddie, the Ferocious Kimodo Dragon
She looked at Freddie cross-eyed, mean-eyed
As quick as a flash, before he got to be hash
He wasn't draggin'
He did a fast fifty yard dash
There went Freddie, Teddie, the Cuddly Kimodo Dragon.