That frown you have placed
Upon your saddened face,
Will begin its long journey,
Far from its place,
Leaving you full of happiness and relief.
For she knows how long,
This battle's been going on,
And she's here by your side,
For you to learn on and cry,
They are here for one another
And there's no need to hide,
What you feel deep, down inside.
She cares too much for you,
To let you go through,
So much pain by yourself,
And no one around to help you.
She has been there before,
And she doesn't want to see you hurt anymore,
So please just hold on,
It might be a little long,
But she knows you can be strong,
Remember tomorrow's a new day
To begin anew,
Just allow your worries to drift away,
Because she is here to be your friend....