Flowers flowers everywhere
And may she ask which one are you
And may you will all your beauty share
To make a garden very special and rare

A daisy lilac violet tulip daffodil or rose
Peony orchid gladiolus--you pick and be any that grows
To those who love flowers the aroma is the appeal
So let your fragrance be inviting--always be genuinely real

Color is an endearing feature
So to be picked for a bouquet
Be sure all colors of your life
Will capture the critics OK

A bouquet a bouquet with a beautiful hue
And would you please handle with care
An arrangement of many not just few
It seems to sparkle just like the dew

The beauty--fragrance--elegance you see
Be a flower if you dare
Then she thinks you will have to agree
There's no such question as "a flower to be or not to be"