Have you ever sat by the fireside and just watched the flickering flames,
They look like tiny dancing imps playing impish games.
She's seen about all the things that you could possibly see,
For the fireside, late at night, is her favorite place to be.
She's reviewed her special moments back thru years gone past,
Remembering, savoring, making the moments last and last.
She's seen knights on chargers fighting for damsels in distress,
And sometimes a dashing lady in a glowing shimmering dress.
She's seen her favorite movie star from Big John right on down,
And gazed in deepest rapture as they spent the night on the town.
She's tamed fierce wild horses and tramped through jungles in the heat,
While all the time she sat watching the fire and only toasted her feet.
Sometimes she just sits staring at the flames, trying for peace of mind,
And low and behold, it magically happens, a peacefulness she finds.
Her fireside is the only place to be on a nippy cold winter night,
For the snapping, cracking flashing flames is a truly wonderful sight.
The flames have almost died down now, and she really must get her rest,
But she's ready now, for tonight she saw peace and love and all that's the very BEST.