Wandering through life he tried to find his way
Upon his departure he slipped away, Into a land filled with love
He now lives in Heaven above.

Wandering through life he struggled with cares...
He tried to cope with this life's affairs
Now he lives with hope up there, No more life that is unfair.

Wandering through life trying to find his way,
Upon his departure he slipped away.
Home is where he is and home is where he'll stay...
Finely he belongs with more love every day,
Finely he belongs In a place full of love, trust and hope!
Finely he belongs where he doesn't have to cope.

And to the hearts he left behind
He sends these words so sweet and kind.
I'll watch over you, I'll be there...
I'll help you through all of this life's affairs.
I'll be there because I care.