One can see the old farmhouse with the shadows of darkness
Upon it.
The moon slowly begins its descent, bringing the light of day in its
Place. The sun begins to rise and bring daylight in place of the
Moonlit glow.
As dawn approaches, the birds begin singing, the cows begin to moo, the
Horses begin neighing and the rooster crows their rituals to celebration of life
The lights of the farmhouse radiate long shadows on the prairie floor, and
Movement and sounds come from the farmhouse, as the family
Gets ready for another day. Mom cooks breakfast and does
The chores, Children go to school, and Dad tends to the crops
In the fields
The sun finally rises high in the sky, warming the prairie floor,
Mom tends to the chicken coop, making fresh bread,
Pies and puts clothes on the line to dry. Children return home
From school to do their chores and homework.
With the warmth of the summer sun, the children play on the old tire
Swing and play in their tree house, until Mom calls them in to dinner.
Dad comes home tired and sweaty from the fields.
Then the family gathers for dinner and they tell each other the events of
The day. The sun has been steadily descending and casting long, gold
Shadows on the prairie floor and a glorious sunset is seen by all
In place of the sun, the moon begins its ascent into the darkening
Sky, bathing everything in moonlight.