On withered wings and leftover dreams,
Her weary spirit reaches to be Free,
Free to fly far away, with her broken body strong,
And recover the one she's meant to be.

If she ever learns how, she will fly far away
To a world that allows her a choice,
Where no one tries to take all the life that's in her dreams,
And her feelings aren't robbed of their voice.

If her wishes were truths, she would fly far away.
On the wings of her dreams, she could soar
She'd fly past all the pain, beyond those who choose to turn
From a light they can't see anymore.

If wings grow from within, she will fly far away;
Tho' her body is weak, she is strong.
Far beyond all the mist, there's a place where gentle hearts
Will at last hear her spirit and her song.

In the world of her wishes, she flies far away,
Gentle ties of belief set her free.
With your heart, you can see past her weak
And weary shell
To the love, life, and laughter in her.
Borne on faith and fragile wings, she is free.