Faith must be a state of mind
A peace and hope of the richest kind
It can still a raging sea of doubt
It can make a way when there's no way out

They put their faith in many things
In people, in power and treasures of kings
But this kind of faith will only pass in time
They need faith in something greater than their own design

They must search their souls for the faith which is best
Hold firm and stand fast, disregard all the rest
For in Love on whom this country was found
There is hope and peace that will ever abound

Where they lost this faith it may never be known
Could it have been in the seeds that were sown
There was war, death and sickness, sin and despair
Through all of this sadness, they forgot He was there

They should learn from the past and let healing begin
Take hold of true faith that is found from within
For faith can work miracles of the richest kind
If they will only adjust their state of mind