Fairies of all colors, shades and hues
Flew past in their hundreds, and left not a clue
To where they were going, of what was their quest
Leaving her with nothing else but to guess.

Onward they streamed like rainbows of light,
So quickly she followed all the colors so bright,
She wanted to know, were they under some gems
Or were they just going to some fairy place?

Onward she ran just to keep them in sight
Trying to keep up with the colors so bright.
Time ceased to exist as she ran on entranced
'Til she came to the place where the fairies all danced.

She sat there enthralled by intricate flights,
Never before had she beheld such a sight.
Of her presence they seemed to be unaware
But soon, she knew they just didn't care.

All together they came, just for the dance
And not even one would spare her a glance.
They dipped and swooped on delicate wings.
She'll always remember that night filled with colorful beings.