What is love?
Is it a feeling of tenderness, a feeling of warmth?
Like rays from the sun when the clouds break
Or is it a visit from a stranger on a rainy day?
What is Hate?
Does it come within the soul and fuse into your blood
Running alone inside the veins
Over and over again
Or is it a lie, small and unnoticed?
What are friends?
Are they ghosts floating through your life
Like the breeze of all seasons
Invisible, unseen; yet powerful and protective.
What is Death?
Is it birth or second chance
A slow expansion of something wonderful
A dreary corridor in some maniac's dungeon
Where are they?
Could they be someone else's dream or fantasy
Are they servants to and of reality
Or can they break free?
Why is it? Because it has to continue
Who is Love? A follower? A memory?
What is Love? A sunset at dawn?