Joyously and gratefully awaken,
Openly greet and embrace, deep in gentle delight,
Love's angel within.
Invite and allow your whole self to expand,
Welcoming, receiving, consciously absorbing
Love's angel within.
Experience Love's angel within, as
The Light of Love, Infinite Essence Being,
The All-pervasive Center, Unbound Spirit's Core,
Expressed, self-revealed, clarity, beyond comprehension.
Experience Universal Oneness harmoniously uniting
Forms of the Uniformed, inner and outer, all
Apparent opposites, dancing life, balanced by Love.
Experience Love's angel within, seemingly
Ascending, expanding,
Softly glowing, centering you in radiant bliss,
Mysteriously smiling, pulsatingly flowing,
Healing with Love, as Love,
As Love loving,