Ever since he can remember,
The boys in his family numbered four.

There was Anthony, Perry, Michael and him.
Mom had her hands full, as you can see.

A few years later, there was a knock on fate's door.
A new man in their lives, a father with another boy and a girl.

Now the boys in their family numbered five.

And as each day passed,
They forgot how important it was just to be alive.

As times went on he neglected to see,
Just how much a family means to him.

It all hit him late one night,
When you get that feeling inside, like something ain't quite right.

The next morning as he shuts the hospital door,
He realized, once again, the boys in his family numbered four.

Love he hopes you know you took one of the most important things,
And it won't take long for him to earn his wings.

So when he comes knocking on heaven's door,
Listen to him tell you the stories and adventures
Of his brothers numbering four.