ETERNAL THANKS--Are for Those that Trust their living
Into LOVE'S Loving hands, The Wise have given
Only Fools would try facing Life alone
LOVE'S second coming in their heart has shown
The joy of The LORD--Must be their strength
The World can't fill HIS part
Better to be NEVER born, & Not ask LOVE In their heart
Every day is Christmas, When They offer LOVE their Thanks
As Heaven is only for, so few that knew LOVE'S ranks
To Know The LORD & SAVIOR, makes Their Destiny complete
Apostle Paul said--LOVE--Was ALL He cared to know & entreat
The Internal & Unseen are Really Life's Real Jewels
The World's Trash is Satan's snare for Fools
Go for the Diamonds & Gold. Think a big shot has a Rolls Royce
But They are a Real Pauper, When LOVE isn't their First Choice