With only you could she have shared the things she had.
Yes, only you can bring joy and tears in equal measure.
Your laughter fills the empty places of her soul,
Your words of wisdom clarify the muddled parts of her life.

She has given you all that she is,
The good, the bad, the sick and the well.
She is most complete with you because you push
Her ever closer to Him.
She is ever grateful for your servant's heart.

They are iron that sharpens iron.
They are silly school girls and spiritual soul mates.
They can have fun with the best of them
And worship together as children of a King.

From fried green tomatoes to hospital beds;
Across the room and across the world,
She has trusted you.
She has loved you.
She has believed in you and with you.
She has been entrusted with a most precious gift from Love, You!