Eyes that are irresistible are on the Harp Seal.
If man would leave them alone, that would be a real deal!

The Orangutan is so funny!
If they could keep them around, that would be sunny!

The Chimpanzee is always crying,
But men just keep on spying!

While the Gorilla is spied upon,
It keeps crying on and on.

The Butterflies are weeping,
The families are sleeping and hunters are creeping.

Big, gray, smart, and friendly. That's the Elephant.
Men with guns will soon make them irrelevant.

The Pandas are roly, poly, black, and white.
Keeping them around is going to be tight.

Manatees are slow but steady.
If men keep shooting, they will go already.

The Cougars are very, very fast.
If men keep hunting, the Cougars won't last.

They need to stop this killing and make it snappy!
Then all the animals can live and be happy!