Her house is growing emptier
As children leave the "nest";
The days are getting quieter--
The nights seem long to rest.

She lies awake in bed at night
And wonders how they are--
Not long ago, they slept here too--
But now they're scattered far.

No "late night chats"--No "good night kiss"--
Just quiet empty rooms
Bear witness to the changes here,
And add to Mother's gloom.

How fast the years have hurried by
Since childhood days of ply--
How is it that they've grown and gone--
And brought her to this day?

Sometimes she'd like to turn the clock
Of time back just a bit--
To see their little faces smile--
And hear their childish wit!

But she cannot, and life goes on--
Though one day she shall see
Their image--in their children's eyes--
Looking back at her.