She has come a long way,
To where she is today.
From the deepest depression,
To the greatest oppression.
These things have made her strong,
The road is hard, the journey is long.
She is guided by a higher power,
That is with her in her darkest hour.
She finally has the peace of mind,
That seemed to take so long to find.
She feels liberated and exhilarated now that she is free.
She has a place to call her own,
A place to just be her.
No more anger, no more pain
Only her self-respect to gain.
In her life she's come to learn,
Which bridges to cross and which ones to burn.
She has so much to give
And so many reasons to live.
For in her heart she knows that she will be alright,
She has come out of the darkness and into the light.

*A Celebration of Growth, Independence and Solitude*