Her tall paned glass windows gleam as she sits and ponders
Magnificence and grandeur her eyes observe yonder
'Tis known there exists seven wonders of the world
Heavenly number be higher--twere all be unfurled

Happy forests awakening among horizons of signs
Trees giving birth--to lovely buds of all kinds
Most grandest arrival of season avidly called Spring
With sweet heavenly music of birds on the wing

The bright sun of Summertime--a season to reckon
Beaches and Mountains and summer Patios beckon
Sit 'neath the shade of a lush--panoramic lovely tree
So seek summer playgrounds--for happiness--Be free

A time so awesome--an explosion of grandest beauty
Seems all of Love's angels--do hover--on love's duty
The foliage of reds--green and golds--so grand
Known as New England's Pride--set by Love's holy hand

Most Winters can seem to become--most dreary and dull
Yet rosy Holiday spirit--doth fill in the happy lull
Panoramic picture of beauty--bright new falling snow
Try enjoying all of life's treasures happy hearts do aglow