Christmas time, it's here again
A special time spent with family and friends
A joyous holiday
When there's respects to pay
Gifts to expect
For reasons they forget
Life's a trip and then you die
Is it true what they say about apple pie?
They feast themselves with food and gifts
True meaning behind myths
She's not saying she knows all there is to know
But Christmas is more than melting snow
A Jewish woman marries a Love man
And they have a baby
Do they light the candles or decorate the tree?
Greedy minds
No facts can they find
Who do they condemn? They might.
It's not wrong, but is it right?
Snow smothers the virgin land
Carolers sing, in the snow they stand
Killing the trees
Just for them to please
Is it cruel?
It's a Christmas rule
They gather and rejoice
Not hearing the Christmas voice
It's all fine and dandy
Out there, enjoy your candy
Roses are red, violets are blue
She's out playing, you've got the flu.