She likes eating shoes
Eights, twelves or even twos.

All day long she eats, eats, eats.
She eats them off of people's feet.

She can't stand it, she's going wild.
She needs a red shoe (spicy, not mild).

She loves them so much she cannot stop.
She especially likes the tongue and the top.

Help! Help! She needs a cure fast
She's afraid shoes will be a thing of the past.

She wants shoes for breakfast or lunch.
At supper or as a snack, she wants them to munch.

Today at noon, she'll buy a tennis shoe.
If they're out, she'll cry "Boo Hoo Shoe."

She likes every kind of show except loafers.
To her they taste like dead gophers.

Shoes! Shoes! She could eat them for hours,
Next year, she thinks she'll