Color her softly, color her calm
In shades that are muted, watery, and obscure
Avoiding the bright, the clear, and the pure.

Gray is dusk between the darkness and the light
And this struggle with ambiguity often takes its toll;
When in time both sides meet, they'll nearly form a whole.

Brush strokes outline an image of color.
One side mirrors dimness, the blueness of all movement.
One side mirrors brightness, rejoicing in the brilliance of the moment.

Beneath a background of primary lightness
Are shades of violent, and shades of green.
A closer look may reveal other colors seldom seen.

The breath of life gives dimension and purpose,
Still the soul walks the thin and jagged line
Representing a boundary between the secular and the sublime.

Ripened from a withered, canvas flower
Are seeds of happiness and seeds of despair.
Will growth give rise to one half? the other? or the pair?