Dried roses with memories locked in
Laughter once heard, smiling faces with love
Beautiful days which vows were recited
That echoed through time of each person there.
Mothers' and Fathers' joy and sadness of giving up and receiving
In each leafy fround.
Reminiscence rebounding in that dry lifeless rose.

They could speak of excitement
The hushing and hurrying to run onto stage
And gracefully float through deliberate paces.
The bows and applause
The beautiful roses clutched in arms of impassionate grace.

So many memories locked into the dryness.

The box it did bare just delicate roses
The tears and the sadness in each bright filled bloom.
The last thing to see as they went back to earth, the roses
Speaking of life though only death seemed to be.

Her beautiful parched roses while some could not see
All the life they contained
All the hopes and wishes and memories locked in.