It's a mystery, she can never figure it out.
What are dreams about? Are they all about doubts?

Screaming, yelling, complaining, every time.
To survive through this life, they think of saving every little dime.

Dreams, fantasies, and adventures she looked for.
Her hopes disappearing, so she threw them out the door.

But one night while she was sleeping, a miracle did happen,
Life changed completely, it was shining like a diamond.

Stepped out the door, sun was shining on her face.
She wanted to become a whole new person, but she did hesitate.

Something pushed her forward, and she was in the new world.
Everything was unexplainable. She felt like a priceless pearl.

She gave credit to herself because it didn't happen on its own.
She made it possible to change herself, and it felt like a new her was born.

No matter how difficult it seems, don't ever give up.
Always fight for your dreams, and build up power to stand up.

It's not a dream. It's not a poem.
Maybe it does sound impossible, but her life did become
A sweet song!