A child is to be bonded with, nurtured, and cared for,
In that way they, "get it" (Love).

As one grows as a separate 'self,' you reach out to
Others, trying to "find it" (Love).

If you are not sure you have ever "had it," you don't
Know how or where to look "for it."

You learn to love as best you can, you give your 'all'
And make your stand.

But often times those you love do not take the time to
Know you, so you don't "get it" (Love).

They try to change you, rearrange you, and it you can't
"Get it"; they don't "get it"; so you move on.

You know love is out there and you "deserve it."
Then suddenly there it is, and now you've "found it."

But the one you love needs a child--to bond with, nurture,
And care for, and you don't "get it"--
Therefore, you don't "get it"--"Get it?"