They play a game, but they don't always win,
They loved once but will they love again;
They always say that was the last time,
But do they have the right to draw the line;
They want to love but they can't, they won't,
They want to be loved and sometimes they don't,
They need a helping hand,
But who will be there to understand,
They hear the words, but they don't believe,
Can it be true, someone loves her for herself?
They just watch and wait for someone to take their place.
No one comes and the tears are removed from her face,
Sometimes they want to talk, but they have nothing to say,
They just turn and they walk away,
They are tired of being a trembling child within,
But how do they start all over, how do they begin,
Yes they heard and saw it all,
Who will catch them when they fall;
They feel the days coming to an end,
But you see it's not over, for you have found a friend.
She laughs with you, you make her smile,
But it's up to you to make your life worthwhile;
Trust her your life is not over, let it begin,
Take a chance, let someone in.

Just remember when the tears are running down your face,
It's up to you to have them replaced,
So you draw the line, you're walking away.
She cares about you, but there's nothing she can do or say.