Under the visible celebration of green and small spiked
Fingers, spread, delicate, flat and curved like frame

Under the tender stems indented like the one deceptive wheel
Of the unicycle designed for riding the high wire.

Under the rim of soil in its raised bed, the horizon
Of soil that skins and covers the protected and the hidden

Under the weather, under pressure, under their own soles,
The cooled carrots fatten

Miracles of faith, of hope, below the line
Of sight, the cooled carrots fatten, after all this time of clinging

To the source, their soft color's lifted off the earth, their cling
So easily loosened with a single circular twist

And then in that moment, and then, for another moment,
The dumb, intimate dirt

Embraces the shape of the carrot, embraces the absence
Of carrot, an empty hole in the ground, its now abandoned place