Upon formation, descension begun, patterns of crystal commence to engage in a dance of
Free fall through the fresh misty air,

Newly released, in crystallized form, designed with perfection, and life-traits of another,

Begin their journey to where is unknown.

The direction of each flight landing depends upon where the wind drift leads,

Sometimes stumbling into another, attaching itself to one in its path.

If the winds are great it is hurled around viciously only to be cast in eminent direction.

As the drift continues its destiny, the once pure features are often marred,
By the marks of met companions on the path ever downward.

Until the journey ends, its fate unknown, and its direction may be tossed
About before halting to a rest.

Like a destiny of a snowflake, their lives are not so different.

They too begin in new perfect form, pure and unblemished, unique in character.

As their own life path may lead them, not without falter,
They sometimes connect their own images to that of another.

Tossed about like the snowflake, their own destiny can seem much the same,
Following blinding the path of one displaced.

But they are graced with a direction of certainty, and only by the One who
Grants them their privilege.

Should their own sight from the Master Creator, their destiny too would be in mere vain.