Your beauty is unsurpassed, he cannot remove his eyes
Never one so alluring, kept him so mesmerized

Your hair is as spun silk, smooth as a gust of air
Fresh as a breeze, with the smell of care

Your eyes remind him of a place, full of mystery
So charming and irresistible, come and hypnotize him

You have the body of Venus, a heart so full of love
So pure, so sweet, and gentle as a dove

The brightness of your smile, reminds him of the sun at mid-day
So beautiful and so clear, it drives his sadness away

You have the voice of an angel, smooth as honey from a bee
Every word, every sound, is music to him

The softness of your skin, your touch drives him insane
He would kill for one kiss, and die to rid you of pain

Never had he seen one, so enchanting and so fine
You are everything he had prayed for, if only you were his