He's a deranged person & a lost soul.
He has no friends & his decisions are queer & wrong.
He is by himself & hopeless, sad & he is not all together.
His world full of torture, come & see his sick, pitiful & unfulfilled life.
The choices in his head are cluttered & he can't think at all.
None of the choices in his head make him think of suicide or murder
All alone in his deranged life all by himself & cluttered by everything.
He needs help in choices & he need to be loved.
Come & see his life of thumbsucking, weeping & crying world.
He has room in life to share with another sad deranged person.
He wants to change, but he feels he can't because too much, too little, too late.
He has no love & he is by himself & can't change alone without help & love.
The big choices, little choices all wrong & seems none are right.