You raised a bunch of children
In times when it was very hard
Had to cook, sew and do housework
Even grow vegetables in the yard.

You worked in a woolen mill
When they were very young
Still, coming home to do the housework
Life's toils that must have seemed unsung.

They remember you milking a couple of goats
To give them milk to drink
And doing household chores for others
Coming home to dishes in the sink.

You also worked in a box factory
Working harder than most men
And if it became necessary
They knew you would do it all again.

But the kids grew into adults
And eventually moved away
Perhaps many miles--but never so far
As to miss your Mother's Day.

They all think of you often Mom
And miss you so very much
Longing so many many times
To feel your Mother's touch.

They want to thank you Mom
For all the work you did
To help them on their way
When they were only kids.