Are you feeling better now? How are things in heaven;
Way up in the clouds?

Are there streets of gold and are there really pearly
Gates? If only they could see them but she guesses they'll have
To wait.

Sometimes they wonder how can they go on; because being
Here without you makes them feel so all alone.

They hope to pull together and try to do what is right.
Just knowing you're in heaven makes their world shine so

Memories of you will never fade away. The way you
Talked, the way you laughed always make their day.

She knows you have no trouble making them laugh up there.
If only they could laugh again. It doesn't seem that fair.

But they'll take each minute as they pass and remember--
That they don't always last.

So when you see Love stand straight and tall, cause
He knows already you're the Greatest Daddy of all.