Day dreaming of you,
Dreaming of your smile.
Your eyes when you are happy or sad.
Or when they're making love.
Your arms when you hold her.
She dreams of all of you.

Day dreaming of her life,
Her memories, good and bad.
The dreams of her life with family and friends.
The things she wants to do.
The places she wishes to go.
She day dreams. She day dreams.

Day dreaming of her writing:
As her words take shape into pictures in her mind.
The way it should be.

Day dreaming of you, her life, her family, her friends and her writing.
Oh well, time to get back to reality.


He made love to Cleopatra
As they floated down the Nile,
Hannibal asked his advice
So he spoke with him awhile

Nefertiti as a queen
Knew that she lacked one thing,
And if he hadn't had to leave
She would have made him king

He dined at "The Last Supper,"
He helped prepare the feast
Tomorrow he'll help solve the problems
In the Middle East

Or maybe he'll cure cancer,
Or save the world from doom
But, what ever he decides to do
He'll do it in his room