Smiles that radiate around the room each day
Laughter which brings joy to her heart in every way
Praises of how good Mom's cooking tastes at each meal
Warmth of his love he gives along with his strong will
Strength and energy which is needed when he walks
Excitement of things accomplished with such joy as he talks
Silence as he tires from a hard day when he comes home
Disappointment at times, she's sure, whenever he feels alone
Fear sometimes when he sees the doctor once a year
Family that loves him so much run through they're not here
Movies that are seen over and over again
Enjoyment and laughter from the beginning to the end
Memories of where he's going and where he's been
Love from his mother's heart which will never end
The Greatest Gift that Love could give to her as a mother
Is the handicapped son he sent, filled with love like no other.

Love Mom.