Wandering aimlessly thru this maze of life, she goes
Intimately afraid of the darkness, she's come to know
Reminiscent of the things, yet to unfold
Standing in the sun, as the warmth, escapes her soul
Crying with the thunder, as flashes of lightening hide her fears
So afraid of the darkness, yet thankful it hides her tears
Listen closely at night to the sighing in the wind
That is her eternal message to you; that she sends
She is the roaring in the sea, the laughter in the fields
Her tears fall free from heaven, with loneliness, that never yields
Consumed with a passion that burns, but never melts
A soul full of memories, that can't be felt
Immersed in what some call heartache or sorrow
A constant replay that will repeat tomorrow
This sensation of fullness inside, is a home for emptiness
The feeling of being happy, is actually sadness
So she welcomes the rain, as her tears gently drop
The sun becomes her enemy, when the rain stops
Counting the days left, in this earthly lifetime
Someday death will comfort her, their darkness will entwine
In this broken heart, your love will always have a home
For the eternal love that weakened her, made her strong