Daddy, they miss you and they love you so. Why on earth did you have to go?
Mommy says you two weren't getting along.
They have to live without you and they must be strong.

They don't understand, Daddy, for you were always there.
Do you love them, Daddy, or don't you care?
Daddy, please tell them that you love them so.
They're your kids, Daddy, and they want to know.

Daddy, they miss you and they love you too.
Tell them that they won't have to grow up without you.
They need someone to set them straight.
Tell them, Daddy, that it's not too late!

Everyone of their friends has a Daddy who, comes home to them.
Daddy, why don't you? Think of them, Daddy, they're your Kids.
They want to let you know that you've been missed.

They need their Daddy to Kiss them good-night.
They need their Daddy to hold them tight.
They need their Daddy to love them so. Please, Daddy, come home and don't say NO!!

They pray Daddy to LOVE above, And they send you all their love.
Please, Daddy, try to come home if you can.
The kids need their Daddy, and their Mommy needs her Man.