Months ago--came to a bridge,
Sign read--"Make funeral arrangements."
There she lingered at the edge.
There must be more pleasant chores.
November 6, '07--O.K. Lord--she'll go.
First step--monuments to view.
Nothing fancy--chosen by--you know who.
Like pink granite--the clerk did show.
Later an appointment kept.
Into the funeral home she swept.
Wondered if this decision she'd regret.
Found the Bruces friendly--all set--
To find out her current desires.
The obituary--was asked questions.
Her life--filled with stories.
Born, school, work--multiple marriages.
Knew preferred casket color
She wanted later to go lower.
Her Love--she's crossing this river.
The Bruces made it easier.
They arranged a cemetery date.
No one arrived late.
Near the driveway--chose a plot.
Glad it was over--she thought.